So, I died. In my line of work that is a pretty big deal. You see I worked 7 days a week and I rarely got vacations. I liked what I did. I felt useful. Even when I was not performing, I was always around. I was part of the family. Back to my story. I died and ended up sitting in a garage for a few months. I knew what was coming…I was going to be sent to the place we all go when we can no longer work. But after a few months, strange things started to appear next to me. Tools, wood, metal roofing, books?!? Then the noise came; lots of sawing, hammering, shoveling. All of a sudden I found myself outside in the bright sunlight. I was no longer dead; I have a new job! I hold books! People no longer visit me multiple times a day with dishes, pots or cups, but folks young and old use me almost daily and when they do they really spend time with me. I am pretty sure they are actually looking at the books I hold, but I like to think it’s all about my sleek dark window and shiny metal front.

I am now a Little Lending microwave Library. People come and take a book. People come and leave a book. I have children’s books, chick-lit books, mysteries, biographies, and even magazines every once in while. I have to admit, I am pretty awesome. My new line of work fits me better. I like the outdoors and to be honest books never make a splattering mess. They are a tidy bunch. Rumor has it there are Little Lending Libraries popping up all over the valley. I’d like to meet them someday, but for now I will just wait to hear about them from the books who come to me after first visiting another lending library in town. Life is pretty good. I AM BACK!

Note: My humanoid creator, Kate, has made my home in the Hillcrest neighborhood. Look for me!