Abstinence-Only Driver’s Education


Abstinence-Only Driver’s Education
By Sara Wary

While walking home from dropping my children off at school, I saw a young man writing parking tickets. I felt relief that I hadn’t driven because if I had, I might have gotten a parking ticket also. I got to thinking of all the dangers my children and I had avoided that morning because we walked instead of driving. A brilliant idea came to me: Abstinence Only Driver’s Ed. The National Center for Health Statistics says the leading cause of death among 15 to 20-year-old children is a motor vehicle accident. It is literally killing our children. The only way to keep them safe is to keep them out of a car.

Sure, driving is convenient, and even fun sometimes. But it’s not like it’s essential to the survival of our species or anything. So don’t let your children know that you enjoy it. A pedestrian teenager is a safe teenager.

So here’s how Abstinence Only Driver’s Ed works. It should be a high school class. But make sure you have them get a signed permission slip from their parents because they should know what they are learning is taboo. Start the class by showing gruesome accident

scenes, the more disturbing the better. Maybe you could even have someone who was injured in a car accident come and talk about the dangers of driving, and how driving ruined their life. Whatever you do, do NOT allow discussion of seat belts, airbags, speed limits, traffic laws, or anything else that might make them think there is a safe way to do it. They need to be scared in order to be safe.

If you are a parent and your child asks you about driving, make sure you blush or squirm so they know that even though it is obvious you drive, you are ashamed and uncomfortable about it. Both the school and the parent should emphasise that they don’t need to know the particulars about driving. But that when they are ready and already have their license they will know what to do.

Ignorance will keep them safe.
Of course, they might learn about driving on the internet, or from talking with friends, or the TV. But as long as they know that you think driving is of the devil and will kill them, they will stay away from it. After all, if it works for Sex Ed, why wouldn’t it work for Driver’s Ed?